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Chances are that if you’re looking for therapy services then you might have been struggling for quite some time and finally have decided to give therapy a try. Congrats, this is often the hardest step, and as a fellow guy, I know hard it can be. I primarily work with “men’s issues”, aka, the way in which men deal with mental health concerns. I often start working with guys when some patterns or habits have now grown into overwhelming burdens that may be threatening things like our ability to work, staying in a relationship, or keep emotions like anger and shame at bay. Additionally, most men are simply tired and do not feel like themselves, essentially feeling something has to change.

As guys, we need to attack therapy a bit differently. We often tend to “compartmentalize” parts of ourselves into parts that are under lock and key. These compartments tend to get heavy and full over time and will eventually start to leak out in ways looking like: anger problems. Depression, relationship discord, and unhealthy coping behaviors. Additionally, we often get stuck in patterns of shutting down or letting or letting our anger spill out and cause a lot of issues for us. In my approach, we will work on both of these areas together to create a life you can be proud of and feel comfortable with your direction and masculine energy.


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About Me

Hi! I’m Mike, I am a Michigan native and take pride in my services that help men become the best versions of themselves.

Mike Lamerato, MS, LLP

Mike Lamerato, MS, LLP

I have my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology which was modeled after a Phd program that included a year-long internship.
I am currently supervised by a doctorate level psychologist.


I became passionate with this work while going through therapy of my own in graduate school and noticed that it would be the greatest honor to help other men connect and take ownership over their life. Since then, my mission has been to connect with as many men as possible, via traditional therapy, coaching, and groups in order to help answer the call of the modern masculine male. I am currently licensed as a master’s level psychologist and serve the Greater Metro-Detroit area.

Together through your custom-tailored approach, we can:

  • Step out of the shadow of guilt, anger, frustration, and hopelessness, and learn new ways to live a more integrated life
  • Claim your masculinity in a health manner while becoming the best version of yourself
  • Stop merely surviving and starting thriving in your life
  • Show up as the man you want to be with you partner, career, and friends

*Although my main specialty is with men’s issues, I do treat both men and women with trauma concerns. I am also a military-informed trauma therapist as I have worked extensively with this population. See specialties tab for more information.