Men’s Issues


Men’s Issues

These are the concerns that the majority of guys face at some time in their life and more often come out when major life changes occur. I have found that when guys can own these concerns, we can work together to get them back to a life that feels good for them. These concerns can include:

  • significant anger and mood concerns, not feeling like yourself, or that you’re in a daze
  • relationship concerns that continue to pop up and cause problems with your partner in terms of arguments, not being able to commit, or trouble keeping relationships
  • sexual difficulties
  • loneliness, feeling isolated from others, and/or being worried about who you actually are and where you’re headed in life
  • feeling like you’re just surviving in life and not moving anywhere

Relationship Concerns

I work with a lot of guys who come to therapy for concerns with their relationships. More often then not, the relationship has come to a place where things are going pretty badly and the future looks bleak. I often tell guys that it’s different and hard being a modern male as women require more from us and it’s not enough just to make money anymore. Most guys with these concerns feel overwhelmed, lost, and are unsure of how to proceed with life. What I often find is that guy’s have lost sight of they actually are and have “drifted” away from their partner. As men, we need to go deeper and understand ourselves better so we can related to our partner in more effective ways. My passion is to help guys reclaim who they, show up in their life, and invite healthy relationship outcomes into their lives. If this sounds like you, let’s talk, use the link below to sign-up for your free phone consult.

Anger and Mood Concerns

Often as men, our first response to negative situations is anger. We are hard-wired to respond with anger and have been doing to for many generations. When men come to me for anger and mood concerns, they are usually a dark place and their anger has cost them a lot in their lives. We often feel helpless or that there is nothing we can do about our mood. We don’t want to be this way, but this is the way have always been or dealt with problems. This may lead to others not wanting to be around us and we may feel that the anger comes out of nowhere. As a fellow man, I take pride in helping guys work to understand themselves better. As we are pro’s at “compartmentalizing” or shutting off parts of ourselves. We often have trouble getting in-touch with our emotions as men as often feel clueless when we can cannot accurately describe our experience. Whether your mood has been down for sometime now or if you’re tired of being “that angry guy”, I would love the chance to get to know you more to see how I could. Use the link below to schedule your free consult now.


Trauma or sometimes referred to as Post-Trauamtic Stress Disorder, occurs when people experience damaging events that the body remembers that usually don’t go away on their own. Trauma can affect every area of a person’s life and often makes it difficult for them safe and enjoy life as they may always be “on” or aware of their surroundings. They also have a hard time forming and maintaining relationships which creates more stress and isolation. I often describe the effects of trauma as affecting every area of one’s life as it make the negative emotions (e.g., shame, guilt, and fear) worse, while numbing a person from positive emotions (love, happiness, and peace).

There are several routes to help someone recover from trauma. The therapy I use (Cognitive-Processing Therapy), works by helping a person work with their trauma in a way in which they become “unstuck” and can start to move and recover with their lives. I also help people make peace with all of the parts of themselves that often become hard to manage on their own. Are you tired of living with the past? Click to the link below to schedule your free phone consult so we can help you move past this together.

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