Internal Family Systems (IFS)

My approach to therapy involves using “Internal Family Systems” or more simply out, we are going to work together looking at your “parts”, the sub-personalities that make us who we are. It turns out that as guys we are really good at hiding and packaging away the hurt or wounded parts while encouraging the use of “managing” parts that often keep us from feeling more vulnerable areas of life. As modern men, we need to work on being able to look at these parts along with our “manly” parts. The goal will be to create a relationship with your parts to your “core self” or the part of you that is calm, compassionate, and centered. When we can live in this fashion we can get the most of our relationships, deal with emotions easier, and are more in line with the man we are meant to be. If this sounds good to you, feel free use the consult button below and let’s chat!


Individual Psychotherapy

I help people work with the relationship to their core self, the central part that helps us to be balanced in the world. We are often so focused on the external world that we miss what is going on within. We all have the ability to heal, no matter how rough life has been. My two main areas of focus are trauma with both men and women as well men’s issues, i.e., helping guy with emotional, relational, and life direction work.

Although I primarily see people online, there are a few select in person appointments available in Troy, MI for those who wish to be seen in-person. Limited availability, please specify when contacting. *Therapy is limited to Michigan residents at this time.

Insurances accepted: BCBS, BCN, Priority Health, Aetna, and United Health 

Private Pay: $130 per 50-minute session, $150 per 50- session for family or couples session, $100/hr for consulting.

Men’s Therapy Group

I also offer the option for men to connect and grow through these issues in group. The modern male is often isolated and tends to “go rogue” which leads to us often feeling overwhelmed and all alone. This option allows you to connect with men as we go through men’s issues topics as well as lean on each-other through our brotherhood. Group is currently held at my Troy office, two Sunday afternoons’ per month. There are two current groups that are active.

I am happy to announce that I am now a local group facilitator for Man-Uncivilized, a national-level men’s community founded by Traver Boehm. We meet twice per month at the national and local level. The group’s mission is to connect men in brotherhood as we work on unapologetically creating a life of passion, integrity, and adventure. Complete the form below to chat about how to join and also visit below to learn more about the movement.

Men’s Group Rate: $50/month (includes national and local membership, two men’s groups per month, one expert guest call per month, and access to our private online community on mighty networks)

Feel free to sign up for a complimentary consult call using the contact form!


No More Mr. Nice Guy Coaching

As a certified No More Mr. Nice Guy coach under Dr. Glover, I also work with a limited number of coaching clients per quarter for men looking to move past the Nice Guy Syndrome and into a more integrated life. To inquire about coaching, please complete the form below. To learn more about the Nice Guy Syndrome, click below:

Cost: $350 per month (includes two coaching session, access to breaking free exercises, and weekly check-ins)