All Men Need a Tribe

As I write this today, I just got off my weekly men’s group that meets online out of Colorado. I have been in the group for about 4 months now and realized today just how alone and isolated men are. Now more than ever, men need to come back to a tribe and start to get their emotional needs met by other men and to quite frankly, just be called out sometimes.

The times of COVID have eroded a larger sense of the rawness and aloneness that I suspect a lot of men were already feeling. As we now have economic, health, and political uncertainty, we also have been called as men to become beacons of hope in our households, communities, and workplaces. It’s time like these that men needs to answer the call of masculinity and step up to take a leadership role. If that feels overwhelming, don’t be alarmed, you are never alone if you have the right tribe with you. I know it can be comfortable to go ‘lone wolf’ and think you can handle it all on your own. I also know that it’s hard to reach out to another man and share a hard experience or vulnerability. However, we need you more than ever during this time; please answer the call and connect with another guy if noting else… after all, all men need a tribe and place to call home.